I’ve witnessed wonders wild beyond belief —
Not the least, life returned to One long dead.
I saw the cavity from whence he bled.
Confusion then relived the watch of grief.
I’d surveyed him hanging there beside the thief
The only thing he’d stole — my heart and head.
And in exchange he gave immortal bread
Took my shame, replaced it with relief.

Then three times he asked my love of me
Instructing me each while his lambs to feed
Locking eyes he said quite soberly
“Where you will not go, someone there shall lead.”
I saw then clearly my own destiny
And embraced the cross which waits in time for me.


Writing 201: Poetry
Assignment — Day 10:

Prompt: Future
Form: Sonnet
Device: Chiasmus

Personal note:  I managed the prompt and (hopefully) wrote a sonnet,
however the fascinatingly fun, turn-it-on-its-head chiasmus just would not deign to be incorporated into this poem.  We shall have to revisit this device in the future!  (Ha — future again!)

A note about the subject matter:  while it may seem gloomy, embracing one’s cross is liberating.  When I get “me” out of the way, I can serve God and others with an unconditional love.