Dear LL

I know you love to put pen to paper (or more recently, “fingers to keyboard”). And I know you long to wield words the way in which your husband releases a shutter and your friend applies paint to the canvas. There are many songs in your soul that are trapped inside, flying about like so many caged birds. There are stories lining your brain like the newspaper you used to use to line the rubbish bin. And I see the pain in your heart and the tears you shed for want of expression.

I also know you are afraid. You want nothing less than to create in words a perfect replica of that which lies inside. You want the world to see this beauty, to feel this pain, to share this desire. And every time you drag the words onto the page they fall short. And so you are afraid — afraid to open your heart to anything less than holy. You are afraid of rejection, but even more afraid of being invisible.

I want to tell you how glad I am that you have begun. No journey is possible without the first step. You have started, like a flower slowly opening to the sun, one petal at a time, and that is good. You have left anonymous and taken a pseudonym.

Now know that the destination is only reached through slow, methodical steps. Sometimes you will feel as though you are standing still, or worse, going backwards. At these times, lift your feet and trod on. Other times you will feel as if you are soaring, like gravity has released you from his lifelong chains. Whether in joy or sorrow, freedom or fear, march on.

Occasionally take the time to stop and reflect. Look back at where you have been and gaze forward to your goal. Perspective can quite easily be lost when focused on your feet. Quiet meditation will bring you back to reality and then inspire you to continue pursuing stars.

And last — acknowledge that you are not alone on this pilgrimage. Many are before you, many come behind and many surround you. Celebrate the fellowship. Read and encourage. Read and challenge. Read and honour. As you reach out your hand, so you will find hands extended, and your steps will be lighter. And you will journey in joy.

Grace and peace




Over at The Hub our first challenge is to write a letter to ourselves.  “Dear Me”
We are meant to reflect on who we are as a writer.

One day, a month ago, someone commented on a little piece I left on my blog, and they referred to me as a “writer.”  This was the first time in my life that anyone labeled me a “writer.”  Since then, through Writing 101, I have had so much encouragement, I almost believe I am a writer.

This letter is a letter to myself that is, in a funny way, giving me permission to call myself a writer.  I am not there yet.  But I have begun, and many of these baby steps were possible through the fellowship I found in this little corner of the internet.  Thank you, fellow writers!