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7 October 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

Lydia Morgan has been under my care for the past month.  She has been diagnosed with an acute phobia.  This intense fear is specifically centred around driving a vehicle through mud or running water.

Ms Morgan’s particular phobia can be traced back to specific triggering events.  The first event occurred nearly 20 years ago.  Ms Morgan was responsible for getting her mother and children down a mountain pass.  The dirt road had turned into a river of mud due to excessive rain.  Ms Morgan explains how the car slid down the mountain road and that she had no control of the steering. She was overcome with a feeling of panic.  The vehicle got stuck and was eventually pulled out, but the fear remained.

The second event happened on a family outing in northern Mpumalanga approximately 15 years ago.   A deluge of rain fell overnight causing the rivers in the area to go into flood.  The Morgans had to cross a river on their way home.  The water was flowing rapidly over the causeway.  Ms Morgan was in the passenger seat and could see the water rushing over the bridge and pushing up against the car as it made its way over the causeway.  The vehicle made it safely over the bridge, but Ms Morgan subsequently learned that three other vehicles which have followed after them (including a tractor) were washed down the river and one person drowned.

Ms Morgan’s condition is a true phobia.  It has been noted that when she is travelling in a vehicle and has to go through even the smallest amount of mud or water, she experiences elevated levels of fear which, if not quickly alleviated, rapidly accelerate into terror.  I have diagnosed her with a severe anxiety disorder.

Phobia treatment is a specialised procedure. This care will involve teaching Ms Morgan to learn how to face her fear of mud.  This will be done in careful, measured steps.  Therefore, I am requesting that you give her a paid leave of absence for the next three months as she attends special counselling sessions with our team of experts.

Should you have any questions. please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number.


Dr F G Manheim, MD, PhD



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