Millions and millions,
he said —
the expert on evolution.
Millions and millions of years
between seawiggles and landhuggers.
Then millions and millions more
to graduate the skyfliers and furryfaces.

Why, man,
he marvelled —
was such a recent phenomenon,
(so new, in fact,
that if all of history were reduced to a single year,
man would appear in the last millisecond)
a brilliant, accidental adaptation gone haywire,
much like current cancer cells
madly reproducing to overpower and kill the host.

I got lost somewhere in a millennium.
My hundred billion are just not advanced enough
to grasp such infinity.

But I did catch the last parallel
and wonder when the final straw will break the dromedary’s spine.

Lord, save us!
For surely we are in desperate need of salvation —
being our own worst enemy.