Time is such a funny fellow;
often he stays forever
wearing out his welcome like a sock worn outside a shoe.
And then by contrast he’ll flit in and out so fast
it’s impossible to even exchange greetings.

Each night
o’er the last thirty,
after all my work was done,
I’d wrestle him into the wee hours.
Exhausted but determined,
sometimes satisfied / sometimes disappointed,
I thought he’d never stop.

And yet now,
it all seems too soon —
a rather sad farewell.
Three hundred and thirty-five days
seems a lifetime away.

I am glad I refused to let go.
I’ll walk away like Jacob,
but with a new name
and a blessing.





Day 30

I want to say a special thank you to all the new friends I have made during NaPoWriMo this year.  You and your most beautiful and intriguing poems have been the blessing I received through this season.  A special thanks to Maureen Thorson for the space and your inspiration and leadership! 
This month has been arduous, a true “difficult formation.”  But struggle often (I hope) brings growth. I am going to try to keep up the “wrestling” and hope there are many others inspired to continue pursuing the words over the next 335 days.
And we’ll see you all here (and perhaps many more) in 2015.
Salani kahle.  (Stay well, in isiZulu.)