who floated through darkness,
who huddled in hushed spaces,
who survived the sounds of madness,
who knew the fear of neighbours’ bad hands,

were resistantly drawn out trembling
(fear in every fibre)
and lost sentience when our hands were forcibly prised from our eyes.

Only now are we learning to trust.
Only now is the light beginning to return.



* Urumuri means “to rekindle the light”





Day 28

Today’s challenge was to find a news article, and to write a poem using words from the article.
The poem didn’t have to be about the subject of the news article itself.  
The news story I chose was about Rwanda. 
There were an estimated 95 000 orphans as a result of the genocide which occurred 20 years ago.
The story was about those young survivors today.

While the poem did not have to be about the subject, after reading the article I couldn’t think of anything else.