You were a follower, Jerry.
And quite a faithful one at that.

Your pursuit took you to desolate places,

places that were short of hope,

desperate for peace,

missing mirth.

And from your overflowing cup
you brought laughter and light.

Every day when you rose
you picked up that cross
and unswervingly put your feet
into the steps prepared for you.

Your faithfulness blessed us, Jerry,
more that a world away.

Your joyful service testified to a life of reckless love.

And today that cross took you from this world
by means of a bullet fuelled by hate.

Now you are no longer a follower;
you are standing in the presence of God.

May our weak limbs be strengthened
as we arise to take your place
in this world of bitterness and pain.

We miss you.


Hebrews 12






Day 26

Today the words just wouldn’t come.  I started and abandoned more stanzas than I care to acknowledge.  This story (Dr. Jerry Umanos) has been on my heart, and so I started these lines.  Now it is late and hours past my bedtime, so I will leave them here.  Pray for Afghanistan.