I’m too long in civilisation.
My feet are itchy, my finger trigger-happy.
The platteland calls me

and I go.

There’s a glorious solitude
that infiltrates my soul
in the veld
and a boyish anticipation:
I could see anything today
or nothing.

I half-pray “Let it be leopards,”
and then start the adventure.

The day grows dusty and disappointing.
I begin to lose the round-the-next-bend hope.
At the six hour mark I turn toward home,
rationalising — the peace has done me good.

And that is when I find her, Panthera pardus,
lazily lounging on a marula branch.
She is close enough to get a good shot
and I whisper a prayer of thanks.

Reflecting on the day as the sun slowly sinks behind the hills,
I smile thinking of the hours of editing that lie ahead.

Maybe, just maybe,
I captured the image of a lifetime.






Day 20

Today’s challenge is to write a poem in the voice of a member of your family.  Anyone who knows our family will know this voice.  🙂