I gave you a gift,
something you admired
and expressed an interest in having.

It was of little consequence,
no value in the eyes of man.
A stone it was —
an incised moon-shaped beauty
of dappled rust and strawberry top.

And though I’d discovered it
and envisioned it nestled
amongst the coloured glass and slipper shells
on my bathroom windowsill,
I gave it to you.

Later that same day
you dismissively told me
that you left it on a table
in some West End restaurant.

I have no claim to that stone,
that small piece of barred earth.
And though I bore it for just a moment in time,
it captured a place in my heart.

I was sad to learn of its loss.

And sadder still to learn how lightly you held it.






Day 19

Today’s challenge is to use one or more of the actual sea shell names below to write a poem. The poem doesn’t have to be about sea shells at all — just inspired by one or more of the names.

Peruvian Hat     Snout Otter Clam     Strawberry Top     Incised Moon
Sparse Dove     False Cup-and-Saucer     Leather Donax     Shuttlecock Volva
Striped Engina     Tricolor Niso     Triangular Nutmeg     Shoulderblade Sea Cat
Woody Canoebubble     Ghastly Miter     Heavy Bonnet     Tuberculate Emarginula
Lazarus Jewel Box     Unequal Bittersweet     Atlantic Turkey Wing