“Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

“What is TRUTH?” we sneer.
“Truth is relative, ” we proclaim
with arrogant, earth-bound knowledge.

Oh, tiny, insignificant man.
The heavens gaze at you in stupefied wonder —
your pride deceives you,
makes the universe revolve around you.

You face your Creator
and pronounce him guilty.
(His very presense testifies to your insignificance —
making you squirm.)
“Crucify him,” you scream into infinity
and in doing so, reveal your face.

Angels weep to see Majesty surrender to folly.

But God is patient.
Truth is absolute and cannot be killed.






Day 18


Today I elected not to follow the prompt (although it looks quite fun and I want to try it sometime).
Today I was struck by man’s audacity.
And God’s grace.