How I have loved you
(long before it was fashion),

O fat, frothy friar
strong and dark
beneath a creamy cowl.

Fondly caressing your smooth, curved cup,
I thaw icy fingers in your lambent gates.

You coyly tickle the olfactories
with warm seductive aromas,
mingling tastes of bitter bean
with comforting butterfat.

How the masses have adulterated you,
Splashing floral art
and funky hearts across your face.

But I will remain true,
O, beauteous Capuchin.

How I love you!





Day 17

Today the challenge is to write a poem in which you very specifically describe something in terms of at least three of the five senses. So, for example, your poem could carefully describe the smell of something, the taste of something, and the sound of something. It might be helpful to pick things you have actually encountered during your day: a cup of coffee at the office (“burnt, flat, and joylessly acrid”), or a hyacinth in the neighobr’s yard (“riotously curled petals shading violet-lavender-white, against the dark-green glossy-smooth leaves”).