Three hours ago the evening held such potential.
I kept a mental list of all the things I could accomplish.
Breezing though dinner prep I rehearsed it all again.

After the meal, the washing up, the bathing,
I sit before a blank computer screen
trying desperately to find even the smallest bit of enthusiasm
for even ONE of my important tasks.

After an hour I start scribbling down the mental list,
lest a hostage escapes.
Feeling better now that I have the list in concrete form,
then, after reading each and every piece of email,
I quickly explore the latest on several social networks,
just in case someone is trying to get my attention.

Finally, with droopy eyes and achy limbs
I look once more at the list.
Somehow I manage to convince myself
that everything written down can last till tomorrow
and a month of tomorrow.

Right now, I am going to bed.