We turned back through thousands of years
to the letter addressed to the residents of Philippi
and sang the song with our family who have gone before:

“Maker-master, come in love to live among us.
Saviour-servant, come to sacrifice.
Humble, obedient, surrendering all.
Exalted-lover, ever glorified.”

And prayed,

“Make us servants like our brother,
make us humble, make us wise.
Let every action be a channel;
Let your glory be our prize.”

Soaring in spirit
I came down from the mountain
and abhorrence found my eyes.

Ngiyacanuka!  Ngiyazonda!

Cruel and wicked people
who take whips to their sons
and beat them much more soundly
than they ever would their mules.

Ntwengula isingubo!
Ntwengula umphefumulo!

“WHY?”   I cry —
knowing that this sin
is my sin,
that this abomination
is mine —


Fall to your knees

and find