I can’t decide if I’m a night owl or a morning person.
I like both.
Best for me is to go to bed at midnight and get up at 5.
But with five hours of sleep a night, I have a mid-day “slump.”

I remember when Grampa confided to the doctor that he was often awake at night and then falling asleep on the couch during the day.  He was told that this is quite common, in fact absolutely normal.  The doctor told Grampa not to toss and turn in bed and worry about missing sleep; rather get up, read the paper, have a drink of milk (non-fat powdered stuff *shiver*) and go back to bed when sleepiness returns.  And little twenty minute naps throughout the day are supposed to be very healthy and quite beneficial.

I had it drummed into me from an early age that naps are for preschoolers.  Adult napping is a complete waste of time.  So Grampa’s advice ran contrary to what i had always heard.  And the problem with my naps: they turn into hours and hours of a comatose state.  Then I awake feeling grumpy, groggy and miserable.

Lately, though, Grampa’s short snoozes seem to make more and more sense.
So if you walk into my office midday and find me with my head in my hands, I am most likely taking Grampa’s advice and catching 40 winks.