When I have work to do I often do not heed this particular bit of Grampa’s wisdom.

I iron on Tuesday nights.  I am not particularly fond of ironing,
but ironing is not the worst thing in the world.
Well, with the possible exception of ironing PANTS!

Given Grampa’s philosophy and teaching, you’d think that I would start with the pairs of pants and then move to the other stuff.  But no, I can’t face the pants so early in the evening.  So I begin with (wait for it) handkerchiefs.  Then I go on to the nearly permi-press shirts.   Next it is the 100% (or nearly) shirts which are wrinkled beyond recognition.
AND THEN I am ready to tackle the pants.

I do the same thing with the dishes — I wash the silverware last.
Schoolwork — marking at the end.
Housework — vacuuming as a finale.

Anything disagreeable — I put it off as long as I can.
Maybe the world will end before I get to those trousers!