reader's digest laughter the best medicine


One of Grampa’s favourite things in the Reader’s Digest magazines (which he would pick up for a song in neighbourhood garage sales) was the column “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  Grampa contended that laughter is good for one’s general health and he loved to read humorous stories which he believed were (for the most part) true.

Here is an example of one of those RD stories:
A fellow walked into a drugstore and headed to the back to speak to the pharmacist.
“Do you have anything for hiccups?” he asked.
Without warning, the pharmacist reached over and gave the man a sharp smack on the shoulder.
“Did that help?” he inquired.
“I don’t know,” the startled man replied. “I’ll have to ask my wife. She’s waiting in the car.”

Grampa seemed to have a story for every occasion.  And a smile that went with it!