I am a teacher.  Not only by profession, also by nature.
When I find something fascinating I love sharing it.

Grampa was a natural teacher.  He had a great deal of patience and a huge interest in everything around him.  I think he would have been a dynamite science teacher!

I never heard Grampa bemoan the fact that he didn’t get to do most of the things he would have like to have done.  He couldn’t travel extensively, so he subscribed to National Geographic and learned about the world from his armchair.  He didn’t have the opportunity to study journalism, but he used his writing and illustrating skills to help produce a newsletter/magazine for his skindiving club.  He had no formal training in ornithology, so he bought lots of bird books and some binoculars and began identifying birds wherever he went.  He taught himself Spanish with a recorded course he bought at a garage sale.  He kept his mathematics skills sharp by solving complicated multiplication problems mentally.  He completed crossword, sudoku, acrostic and word search puzzles. He loved clever puns and palindromes.

Grampa believed that if you ever stopped learning, if you ever ceased to be intrigued by your surroundings, if you ever lost the humble childlike wonder and delight, you would grow old.

Grampa was young till the day he passed on, because Grampa never stopped learning.


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