grampa cribbage

My grandfather’s name was Charles Douglas Johnston. He was an amazing man and an incredible role model.  Seven children had the privilege of calling him Grampa — Grampa Charlie.  And I was the eldest of those seven fortunate ones.

Tomorrow (1 February) Grampa would have turned 98.  He missed celebrating his birthday by 26 days.

To honour this humble man, I am going to spend his birthday month sharing some of the wisdom Grampa modelled, some of what I learned from him.  He taught me to give praise where praise is due.  He always applauded deeds well done and encouraged spirited tries.  These posts are to offer “praise where praise is due.”

Thank you, Grampa, for the love you gave us, for the life you joyfully lived with us, for imparting your wisdom to us (in word and deed), for giving so sacrificially — for your laughter, your smile, your sense of fun.

Hamba kahle, Mkhulu. Ngithanda wena!