I am learning how to to edit photographs.

In the olden days we would point the camera,
push the shutter button
and take the spool to the chemist or photolab.
They would be responsible for printing our pics.
What we got, we got.

Now we download the images onto our computers
and the fun begins.

From my manual:
” . . . digital cameras don’t give you the perfect colour every time.
If they gave us perfect colour 50% of the time, that would be incredible.
But every digital camera sneaks some kind of colour cast into your image.
Generally it’s a red cast, but it could be blue.
Either way, you can be pretty sure there’s a cast.”

I get this.
My life is like this!
I can’t see it objectively.
I cast all sorts of personal colours across each day.
Depending on the state of my emotional/mental/physical/spiritual psyche
all sorts of different shadows and reflections show up on the print.
Sometimes others who have gone through the same day/experience
help adjust my picture,
and sometimes it gets filed away just as it is,
grey or blue or red tones distorting the image.

To experience my life in clarity and true colours
I need eyes/heart/soul that have no cast.
I need to see from a place above and beyond myself.

I need my Father’s eyes.