I love that word!
Let me say it again:


The word comes from Greek ἐπιφάνεια, or epiphaneia  meaning “appearance” or “manifestation.”
In classical Greek it was used to describe the manifestation of the gods.
In Jewish texts it is used to describe the manifestation of the God of Israel.
In the New Testament it was used once to describe Christ’s resurrection and five times to refer to Christ’s return (or “Second Coming”).

The interesting thing is that it is now the name of a celebration in the Christian Church of the Light (which is Christ) being revealed or made known to the Gentiles, even though the word is not used in the New Testament concerning Christ’s birth, the Magi’s visit or Christ’s baptism (when the Father revealed Jesus as His Son).

We use it in our everyday speech to describe a moment of sudden revelation or insight.
Light bulb goes on above the head.

When someone suddenly realises or understands something
(usually in a way that improves an aspect of their lives)
we say they have “seen the LIGHT!”

I have been pondering this connection between LIGHT and EPIPHANY.

light |līt|  noun

  • an agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible
  • understanding of a problem or mystery
  • something which produces a flame or spark


epiphany |iˈpifənē| noun

  • the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles, as represented by the Magi
  • the festival commemorating the revelation of Christ to the Gentiles (6 January)
  • a moment of sudden revelation or insight


    I suppose you could say that EPIPHANY is  spiritual LIGHT.

    We live in an era of voices shouting out directions in the dark.
    The voices are loud, but conflicting and confusing:

    Global warming!
    It’s all nonsense – there’s no scientific proof that man is having any effect on the climate!
    Change your consumer habits NOW!  SHAME on you for buying plastic packaging.

    The enemy is at our gate!  Fight back!  Protect yourselves. Eliminate all hostiles.
    Make peace, not war.  Love everybody.

    The economy!
    You need financial security!  Your job is on the line.  Prices going up, salaries going down.
    We are in recovery!  It is getting better.  Spending produces wealth.

    We are all stumbling around in the dark!
    If there ever was a time when we needed “to see the LIGHT,” it is now!
    My prayer for 2011:   EPIPHANY for mankind!